Why we should celebrate women who are Boss

Photo courtesy of  Girl Squad Inc

Photo courtesy of Girl Squad Inc

I’ve been in the Event Industry since 2009, and worked for some major players in Los Angeles – both in Production and Catering.  I have been a part of the Production Team for the Grammy Celebration for 8 years, and catered dozens of major film premieres and fundraisers.  Despite this, I didn’t believe I could start my own business.  My major concerns were - “I’m too young”, “People won’t take me seriously”, “I don’t have enough connections”, and “I don’t have the savings in case I fail.”

“In case I fail” – I had mentally prepared myself for failure, even expecting it.  That’s no way to start a business. 

Through personal development and coaching – I started my business in September 2016, and haven’t looked back.  I did it without the savings, or a job lined up, but here I am, almost a year later – making ends meet and keeping my head above water – and that, is a win.  It’s a triumph over those doubts and fears – and there are big things on the horizon for me.  It took bravery, believing in myself, and serious conviction – and I'm still standing!! 

During this journey, I’ve met some incredible women who are Bosses, and every one of them with a story.  Each with concerns and doubts, just like mine, that they fight to overcome every day that they are in business… or every minute they spend hiding from their potential.

- We should celebrate women to encourage female entrepreneurship.
- We should celebrate women to empower them in their contributions outside the home.
- We should celebrate women so they know that they are “valuable and powerful & deserving of every chance & opportunity in the world.”

If I became present to anything during the Women’s March, it was that women are incredible, and strong, and have tenacity and vigor that we do not get credit for!  Women can be more than the traditional roles of wife and mother – and should not be limited by them.  There has been a guilt imposed on women who either choose not to, or cannot fulfill “their place" in society.  Well, if I've got anything to say about it - we're taking our places, NOW. 

Women deserve to be celebrated for their talent and achievements – not just who they choose to stand next to or behind.  That is what inspired me to build Boss Bash Celebrations.

Being in the business of events, I know the power of acknowledgement and celebration.  Being surrounded by friends and family, raising a toast, showering you with gifts - its powerful stuff - that can make doubt disappear.

- Abby Borden
Founder, Boss Bash Celebrations