10 Ways to Improve your Desk Vibes - by Bossfidence


1 | Add An Essential Oil Diffusor
Make sure you ask your co-workers first if it is okay BUT when I brought mine into the office, it not only affected my mental clarity but those around me. Each morning, I dab some Nature’s Truth: THRIVE into my diffusor and well-a, instant energy! The cleansing blend of clove, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary gives me the boost I need. If you want to buy a diffusor similar to mine, I reccomend: Essential Oil Diffuser, 2017 Model, 14 Color LED Lamp, White, Aromatherapy Mom Gifts, by Zen Breeze. This is not the exact diffusor I have but it’s the same brand!

2 | Add Some Pictures
Throw up some pictures of your honey, photos of your family and friends, even your dog! A reminder than there is a world outside of your cubicle can give you a sense of comfort. On my desk I have a picture of my husband and I and some of our family! It keeps me grounded and realize why I am here, making $$ and staying ambitious. Keep them SFW though, no-one wants to see those bachelorette pictures from the Bahamas (or do they?)

3 | Motivational Quotes
My absolute favorite part of my desk is my frame quote “What Would Olivia Pope Do”. Seriously, whenever I am in a bind or stressed, seeing it in the corner of my eye reminds me that Olivia Pope is the epitome of grace and ferocity. To “handle it” instead of panic. Find your motivational quote/verse that keeps you grounded!

4 | Add Some Color!
My desk is a mixture of cream, gold and tiffany blue. I try to keep it very minimalist with acrylic containers from Home Goods. These are my happy colors, they also are colors I have in my home. I spend 1/2 of my life at work, I might as well create a pleasant space that reminds me of home. (I say this because I love my job!)

5 | Throw It Away
Seriously, paper clutter is the absolute WORST. I would say the bane of my existence but our lab/shepherd’s name is Bane. It drives me nutty mcnut to see papers with no rhyme of reason scattered everywhere. I am not a neat freak, but I do love organized madness. If it’s old, throw it away! Scan it to your computer and drop box it for safety but get rid of it on your desk!

6 | Plants are Friends
Although I do not have one right now, at my last job I kept a tiny little succulent on my desk. It gave me something pretty to look if I ever got deep in thought and had to brainstorm. Plants also release oxygen which can help with your physical wellbeing if you’re in a stuffy office all day with no chance to escape. Plus side, succulents are your best choice because they are near impossible to kill! (I say near because a few, okay many, succulents have met their demise under my care)

7 | Organize It
I got amazing organization boxes from Home Goods (you’ll hear me reference Home Goods a lot because they are my favorite store! I am not an affiliate but I probably should be LOL) The boxes are aqua with gold dots or pineapples and I got them in all different sizes. The best part is that each box has a specific purpose such as emergency supplies, my lady box with extra chapstick and tampons, and important documents.

8 | White Board
My best choice as a professional was to get a white board within arms distance of my chair. It allows me to write down, deadlines, pending projects, phone numbers while checking my VM, etc. without having to waste a piece of paper! Something cool I did in the office was announce everyone’s birthday! That way the office doesn’t forget and that person feels special

9 | Bosu Ball Chair
I cannot praise the bosu ball chair enough! It has improved my posture and reduced my neck pain. If you order the one from Amazon, it even comes with a workout/stretch guide you can do at the comfort of your desk to get you moving. Plus its fun to bounce on it when you’re writing reports! (Use with caution) If you want to purchase the one I have, its $59.98 on Amazon: Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair, Charcoal

10 | Office Culture
The best thing you can do to improve your desk is to improve your in office experience! Who cares about the desk if the place that you’re working is lame. I make a point to connect with each of my coworkers at least once a week about the happenings in their life, even if it is a “what are your plans this weekend.” It creates an office vibe where everyone feels open with each other and reduces the risk of drama and disputes between colleagues because everyone feels important.

From the Author: Ashley Dunham
"My goal is to connect with each one of you and give you tips and inspiration that I have used to find my bliss and build my confidence in the professional world. I have been an event coordinating professional for 6 years and in marketing and PR for 2. I am a FIDM and GCU alumni. I am a newlywed Army wife who thrives on DIY, home decor and southern cookin'. Let me help you grow Bossfidence Babe"

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