What is a boss bash?

A Boss Bash celebrates a woman, whom by her own merit, talent, and gumption, has become a Boss.  For some, this may be in starting their own business – which requires being Brave.  They separate from the pack, and stray from society’s path of “normal” and that is being Bold.  Ultimately, being totally responsible for one’s own future – creatively, financially, and actually – that is being Boss! 

A Boss Bash is an opportunity for the Boss’ friends and family to celebrate this achievement with them, and fully empower and support her in this new endeavor.  Just as friends and family contribute gifts at a baby shower to raise a child, at a BossBash, they pitch in to raise your business! 


  • Emotional – through words of encouragement and pride
  • Financial – through investment – whether it’s to fuel her mornings with coffee, cover her website subscription, or keep the utilities on for a month – the smallest contribution could make all the difference


  • Acknowledging talents – through referrals
  • Applauding achievements – through reviews


  • Empowering the Boss with everything they need – supplies, tools, advice
  • Maintaining a space of limitless possibility and creativity
Photo courtesy of  Girl Squad Inc

Photo courtesy of Girl Squad Inc


DIY LA Bride

July 6th, 2017 - Glendale, CA

DIY LA Bride is a creative studio and prop Shoppe for DIY mavens to plan their next celebration! The Shoppe offers specialty rental pieces and a variety of workshops.

Join us on July 6th to explore the Shoppe, sip champagne and meet the lady behind it, Sabrina Fay Pierce. Activities and refreshments are free, raffle tickets will be available for purchase with a chance to win rentals, workshop seats or BossBabe essentials.

Fandom Affairs

September 2017 - Los angeles, CA

Fandom Affairs is a full service wedding & event planning company specializing in the whimsical & unconventional genre of 'Geek Chic'. 

It's a bridal show that you could only dream about - until now.  Lust after the wedding gowns of fantasy, and delight in savories from galaxies far far away...

***We are looking for venue & creative partners to put together this celebration!  Get in touch if you'd like to empower Debbie Sanchez and Fandom Affairs!***


when is your boss bash?

someday isn't a day

Is it time to celebrate YOU?  Or do you have a girlfriend who deserves a Bash?  Let us know! 

We're currently celebrating all over California!  Watch out USA - we'll be with you soon.